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Anomalous quartic electroweak gauge-boson Interactions


  • O.J.P. Eboli (eboli AT
  • M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia (concha AT

Description of the models:

We concentrate on anomalous quartic interaction among the electroweak gauge bosons that do not have a triple vertex associated to it. We describe these interactions using dimension eight effective operators assuming that the recently observed Higgs boson belongs to a SU(2) doublet; see the file quartic.pdf for further details.

The model labeled SM_LS0_LS1 contains the standard model interaction supplemented by the dimension eight operators L_{S,0} and L_{S,1} defined in "quartic.pdf". These dimension eight effective operators modify the vertices WWWW, WWZZ, and WWZZ that can be a simple re-scaling of the SM quartic interaction for a suitable choice of couplings.

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