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Description of the model
This is a simplified model for dark matter with a CP-even spin-0 mediator exchanged in the s-channel. Dark matter is taken to be a Dirac Fermion. For more details:

  • 1612.03475: Nicole F. Bell, Giorgio Busoni, Isaac W. Sanderson, "Self-consistent Dark Matter Simplified Models with an s-channel scalar mediator"

Model files

  • main model file for spin-0 mediators.
  • cabibbo.rst, Massless4f.rst, Massless5f.rst: restriction files.
  • S2HDM.nb: this is an example Mathematica notebook that loads the model, checks consistency, calculates the Feynman rules and outputs the model in various formats.
  • unitarity.m: additional mathematica file loaded by the mathematica notebook, that checks unitarity, perturbativity and stability of potential
  • S2HDM_X.nlo files: NLOCT output, necessary to generate NLO UFO


  • Full package
  • UFO Type I
  • UFO Type II
  • UFO Aligned
  • CALCHEp Aligned

Version updates
v1.0 release version
v0.7 prerelease version

Sample commands for MadGraph5_aMC@NLO

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