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Strongly-coupled models and effective field theories

Model Short Description Contact Status
Mimimal Higgsless Model (3-Site Model)A higgsless model, including new heavy fermions and a Z' and a W' boson. N. Christensen Available
Chiral perturbation theoryThe effective Lagrangian describing the low-energy interaction of mesons.C. Degrande Available
Strongly Interacting Light HiggsA model including higher-dimensional SM operators to describe strongly coupled theories of EWSB.C. Degrande Available
Top Effective theoryHigher-dimensional operators invariant under the SM symmetries affecting top production and decayC. Degrande Available
TechnicolorThe Minimal Walking Technicolor ModelM. Järvinen, T. Hapola, E. Del Nobile, C. Pica Available
Anomalous Gauge Boson CouplingsModel including anomalous couplings among gauge bosonsO.J.P. Eboli, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia Available