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The Higgs Characterisation model


  • Priscila de Aquino & Kentarou Mawatari
    • VUB
    • paquino@…

Description of the model

This is the model file for the characterization of a (125 GeV) resonance. We present a general implementation of particles with different spin/parity coupling to the SM particles. This is a fictitious theory that contains the interactions of particles with different spin/parity that could lead for example to vector pair production.

Particles introduced within this model file: X0, X1 and X2.

  • For requesting a 0+ particle, the user must choose ca=0;
  • For a 0- particle, ca=1.
  • For a 1- particle, kfa, kv1, kv2, kv3 !=0;
  • For a 1+ particle, kfb, kv4, kv5 !=0;
  • For a 2+ with lower dimensional operators, kf, kv, ka, kg !=0;
  • For a 2+ with higher dimensional operators, kv1 !=0
  • For a 2- particle, kv2 != 0.

Notice that ca and sa stands for cos(alpha) and sin(alpha) and allows the user to have a mix 0- 0+ state.

The present model file contains parts of the following existing FR model files: 1) HEFT, author: C. Duhr 2) Minimal Zprime, author: L. Basso 3) RS, author: P. de Aquino

Version updates

  • v1 - Added the term proportional to sa in the X0 lagrangian and modified the X2 HD lagrangian to be proportional to 1/Lambda3

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