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The Standard Model (SM) is extended to include three dimension-6 operators constructed multiplying the Higgs current times a current formed with the third generation qL = (tL, bL) doublet or the right-handed top tR. The Lagrangian is which defines the new parameters {cL1, cL3, cR, cutoff}. If the parameter cutoff is set equal to the electroweak VEV v, {cL1, cL3, cR} are identified with the coefficients of the first three operators appearing in Eq. (2.5) of Ref. [1].


We have verified that the Feynman rules obtained from the model agree with those computed analytically. We have also made a detailed comparison of the cross section for Wb -> Zt computed using MadGraph5 with an analytical computation. The results are reported in the attached file validation.pdf.

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