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Vector-leptoquark model


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Description of the model

This model is an extension of the SM, featuring a vector leptoquark (U1~(3,2)2/3), a colored vector (G'~(8,1)0), and a Z' (Z'~(1,1)0) as new heavy mediators.

The implementation of the model is based on "High-pT Signatures in Vector-Leptoquark Models" (arXiv:1901.10480). If you use our model file please cite this reference.

Model Files This is the Feynrules model file for the vector leptoquark. This is the Feynrules model file for the vector color-octect. This is the Feynrules model file for the "Z'".

Model Restrictions

Massless.rst: This restriction file set all the masses and Yukawas to zero, except for the ones of the top quark.


The model is loaded by merging the model files,, and Alternatively, one exclude the model files or, if the user is not interested in these mediators.

The implementation allows for the use of the Feynman gauge in the SM.The switch between the two gauge is achieved via FeynmanGauge = True/False (see StandardModel).


model_gen.nb: This is an example Mathematica® notebook that loads the Feynrules model files and calculates UFO model.


This model implementation is known to work with the following interfaces:


An alternative Feynrules implementation for the vector leptoquark model (but with interactions to left-handed SM fermions only) is available in We have cross-checked our leptoquark implementation (with β33 = 0) against this one, finding a perfect agreement between the two.

UFO model

vector_LQ_UFO.tar.gz: UFO model including the U1, G' and Z' .

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