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     1== Monotop effective theory ==
     2=== Author ===
     4[ Benjamin Fuks]
     5   * IPHC Strasbourg / University of Strasbourg
     6   *
     9=== Description of the model ===
     11This model is an extension of the SM, including additional interactions with additional fields so that monotop signatures at colliders are made possible. It follows the model constructed in the paper
     12  [ arXiv:1106.6199]: J. Andrea, B. Fuks and F. Maltoni, ''Monotops at the LHC.''.
     15=== Model files ===
     16   * [/attachment/wiki/Triplets/]: This is the main file.
     17   * This model needs the model file of the [wiki:StandardModel SM implementation] of !FeynRules.
     18   * [/attachment/wiki/Triplets/TripletDiquarks.nb TripletDiquarks.nb]: This is an example Mathematica notebook that loads the model and calculates Feynman rules. 
     20The implementation assumes generic Yukawa matrices for the couplings between the quarks and the scalar diquarks.
     21The mixing matrices can however be constrained to be diagonal by using the following [/attachment/wiki/Triplets/MFV.rst restriction file].
     25== Matrix element generator files ==
     26Below we give tarballs containing the model files generated by !FeynRules for the various matrix element generaotrs for which a !FeynRules interface exists. All fermion masses are put to zero, except for the top, the bottom and the Tau lepton masses. Furthermore, all Yukawa couplings between diquarks and quarks are assumed diagonal in flavor.
     27'''Note that, because of the unusual color structures appearing in this model, this model only works with the limited set of matrix element generators shown below'''.
     28||[/attachment/wiki/Triplets/Triplet_Diquarks_FA.tgz Triplet_Diquarks_FA.tgz]||The model files for !FeynArts.||
     29||[/attachment/wiki/Triplets/Triplet_Diquarks_UFO.tgz Triplet_Diquarks_UFO.tgz]||The model files in UFO format (e.g. for !MadGraph 5).||