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FeynRules models to be used for NLO calculations with aMC@NLO

This page contains a collection of models that have been implemented in FeynRules in the context of NLO calculations in the framework of aMC@NLO. It contains up to now simplified models inspired by the current searches undertaken by ATLAS and CMS, as well as a model developed to characterise the properties of the recently discovered Higgs boson. For each model:

  • we include a brief description of the relevant signature,
  • we provide the FeynRules model files as well as the UFO library to be used with MadGraph5_aMC@NLO,
  • we indicate reference paper with the documentation on the model, together with the name of the contact person,
  • validation figures generated in the framework of each model are provided, so that any user could try to reproduce them to verify their setup.

Available models

Description Contact Reference FeynRules model files UFO libraries Validation material
SM 5F (more details) C. Degrande - SM5F_NLO.tar.gz -
Dark matter simplified models (more details) K. Mawatari arXiv:1508.00564 , arXiv: 1508.05327 , arXiv: 1509.05785 - -
Dark Matter Gauge invariant simplified model (scalar s-channel mediator) (more details) G. Busoni arXiv:1612.03475 , arXiv: 1710.10764 , - - -
Effective LR symmetric model (more details) R. Ruiz arXiv:1610.08985 EffLRSM UFO -
GM (more details) A. Peterson arXiv:1512.01243 - GM_NLO UFO -
Heavy Neutrino (more details) R. Ruiz arXiv:1602.06957 HeavyN NLO UFO -
Higgs characterisation (more details) K. Mawatari arXiv:1311.1829 , arXiv:1407.5089 , arXiv: 1504.00611 - -
Inclusive sgluon pair production B. Fuks arXiv:1412.5589 sgluons_ufo.tgz sgluons_validation.pdf ; sgluons_validation_root.tgz
Pseudoscalar top-philic resonance (more details) D.B. Franzosi - AHttbar NLO UFO -
Spin-2 (more details) C. Degrande SMspin2 NLO UFO -
Stop pair -> t tbar + missing energy B. Fuks arXiv:1412.5589 stop_ttmet_ufo.tgz stop_ttmet_validation.pdf ; stop_ttmet_validation_root.tgz
SUSY-QCD B. Fuks arXiv:1510.00391 - susyqcd_ufo.tgz All figures available from the arxiv
Two-Higgs-Doublet Model (more details) C. Degrande arXiv:1406.3030 - 2HDM_NLO -
Top FCNC Model (more details) C. Zhang arXiv:1412.5594 TopFCNC UFO -
Vector like quarks B. Fuks arXiv:1610.04622 UFO in the 5FNS, UFO in the 4FNS, event generation scripts, coupling calculator in the LO conventions All figures available from the arxiv
W'/Z' model (more details) R. Ruiz, B. Fuks arXiv:1701.05263 vPrimeNLO UFO -
NTGC (more details) C. Degrande JHEP 1402 (2014) 101 NTGC UFO at NLO -

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