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Python interface

  • Description: development of a FeynRules Python interface, which will be used by MG and Herwig
  • Names: Claude, David, Olivier, Will.
  • Status:
    • We decided that a model is a Python package, where particles, parameters, etc. are represented as objects. The package will be self-contained in the sense that it provides everything required for the module (definition of the classes, etc.)
    • For the moment particles and parameters are written automatically from FR.
    • We created a "dummy model", based on the Fr implementation of the Hidden Abelian Higgs model of FR, where we added a vertex u,u,Z' by hand.
  • To-do:
    • Some tuning for the parameters needs to be done, especially "Waterfall structure".
    • Some python files need to be added to the package, e.g. , functions like sqrt, sin, etc.
    • We have now the option to matrices as matrices, rather than component by component. This needs to be discussed and developped further.
    • The parts dealing with the vertices, couplings, etc. need to be written. Will is working on splitting the FR vertices into triplets according to color, lorentz_structure and coupling. After this is done, Claude will create the writing routines for vertices.
    • David is developing the Herwig part of the Python interface.