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Strongly Interacting Light Higgs


Céline Degrande

  • Université catholique de Louvain
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Description of the model & reference

The Strongly-Ineracting Light Higgs (SILH) model is an effective theory of a possible strong sector responsible for the electroweak symmetry breaking (EWSB).

The SILH requirements are that the new strong sector should have a symmetry spontaneously broken at low energy and that the Higgs should be a exact Goldstone boson when the SM interactions are switched off. The SM interactions are included order by order as small breaking parameters and induce the mass for the Higgs. The little Higgses and Holographic composite Higgs models are examples of such models.

JHEP 0706:045,2007: G.F. Giudice, C. Grojean, A. Pomarol, R. Rattazzi, The Strongly-Interacting Light Higgs.

Model files

Here is the model file of the SILH model

The SILH model is implemented in the unitary gauge.


The decay width of the Higgs have been computed and compared with the results of JHEP 0706:045,2007

ValidationSILH.nb: Validation file for the SILH

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