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    1 === To be filled
     2== Standard Model Effective Theory at Next-to-Leading-Order in QCD ==
     4 ''Céline Degrande, Gauthier Durieux, Fabio Maltoni, Ken Mimasu, Eleni Vryonidou & Cen Zhang''
     6A complete implementation of the SMEFT compatible with NLO QCD predictions.
     8The implementation is based on the Warsaw basis of operators and includes all degrees of freedom consistent with the following symmetry assumptions:
     9* CP-conservation.
     10* U(2),,Q,, x U(2),,u,, x U(3),,d,, x U(3),,L,, x U(3),,e,, flavor symmetry.
     11The CKM matrix is approximated as a unit matrix. The flavor symmetry imposes that only the top quark is massive. The model therefore implements the 5-flavor scheme for PDFs.
     12The bosonic operators are implemented as in the Warsaw basis employing the M,,Z,,, M,,W,,, G,,F,, scheme of Electroweak input parameters.
     14The Standard Model input parameters that need to be specified are:
     16   M,,Z,,, M,,W,,, G,,F,,, M,,H,,, M,,t,,, α,,S,,(M,,Z,,)
     18The fermionic degrees of freedom (2 & 4 fermion operators) are defined according to the common standards and prescriptions established by the  LHC TOP WG for the EFT interpretation of top-quark measurements at the LHC (see the [ dim6top page] for more information). This model has been validated at LO with the dim6top implementation.
     20A new coupling order, {{{NP}}}, is added to the model for the SMEFT interactions.
     22=== Usage notes ===
     23The {{{NLO}}} restriction card should be used when importing the model for NLO QCD generation:
     25 > import model SMEFTatNLO_U2_2_U3_3_cG_4F_LO_UFO-NLO
     27This invokes a restricted set of operators for which the required counterterms are implemented.
     29We recommend specifying the full {{{QCD}}}, {{{QED}}} and {{{NP}}} orders for process generation.
     31For example:
     34 > generate p p > t t~ QCD=2 QED=0 NP=2 [QCD]
     36Generated the NLO QCD top pair production process including the QCD-induced SM and the SMEFT contributions.
     37=== Model Files ===
     38* [ SMEFTatNLO_U2_2_U3_3_cG_4F_LO_UFO.tgz] : archive of UFO model - 4 fermion and c,,G,, operators at LO, U(2)^2^ x U(3)^3^ flavor symmetry
     39=== Version updates ===
     40* 2018/20/12  - v.0.1: First version upload, 4F and c,,G,, operators at LO pending validation; a few minor convention tweaks required to match dim6top exactly. {{{}}} missing.