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    99||[wiki:ALRM Alternative Left-Right Symmetric Model]||An alternative Left-Right Symmetric Model.|| M. Ashry || '''Available''' ||
    1010||[wiki:topBSM Axigluon model]||The SM plus a scalar gluon field.|| S. Krastanov || '''Available''' ||
    11 ||[wiki:BSMCharacterisation BSM Characterisation]||The SM EFT Lagrangian in the mass basis|| B. Fuks, K. Mawatari || '''Available''' ||
    1211||[wiki:Octet_tcgg Coloron Model]||A Coloron Model with a Decay to a Single Top Quark|| E. Drueke, R. Schwienhorst, N. Vignaroli, J. Nutter, D. Walker, J.-H. Yu, R. S. Chivukula, E. Simmons || '''Available''' ||
    1312||[wiki:modcolorS_trip Color Triplet]||A Color Triplet Model with Decay to Top and Bottom Quark|| E. Drueke, R. Schwienhorst, N. Vignaroli, D. Walker, J.-H. Yu, J. Nutter, T. Han, I. Lewis, Z. Liu || '''Available''' ||
    2423||[HiddenAbelianHiggsModel Hidden Abelian Higgs Model]||A Z' model where the Z' interacts with the SM through mixings, leading to very small non-SM like Z' couplings. ||C. Duhr|| '''Available''' ||
    2524||[wiki:HiggsCharacterisation HiggsCharacterisation]||The model file for the spin/parity characterisation of a 125 GeV resonance.||F. Demartin, K. Mawatari|| '''Available''' ||
    26 ||[HiggsEffectiveTheory Higgs effective theory]|| An add-on for the SM implementation containing the dimension 5 gluon fusion operator. || C. Duhr || '''Available''' ||
    27 ||[wiki:HEL Higgs Effective Lagrangian]||Higgs effective Lagrangian including operators up-to dimension 6.|| A. Alloul, B. Fuks and V. Sanz || '''Available''' ||
    28 ||[wiki:HiggsTopCurrents Effective top-Higgs interactions]||Dimension 6 Higgs-top interactions.|| E. Salvioni and J. Dror || '''Available''' ||
    2925||[wiki:Hillmodel Hill Model]||A model with an unusual extension of the SM Higgs sector.||P. de Aquino, C. Duhr|| '''Available''' ||
    3026||[wiki:InertDoublet Inert Doublet Model]||A model with an additional complex scalar SU(2)L doublet and an unbroken Z2 symmetry under which all SM particles are even while the extra doublet is odd.||A. Goudelis, B. Herrmann, O. Stal|| '''Available''' ||