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Work in Progress

Simplified Models for Coannihilating Dark Matter

This is a set of simplified models for coannihaliting dark matter based on The Coannihilation Codex. Each of the models includes a dark matter candidate, a coannihilation partner and a mediator in various representations of SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1). These models with minimal particle content provide a way to design generic collider searches for coannihilation, whose results can then be applied to more specific models.


  • Anna Kaminska (JGU Mainz)
  • Maikel de Vries (JGU Mainz)

Model Description

Each of the models introduces three new fields: DM (dark matter candidate), X (coannihilation partner), M (s- or t-channel mediator). Currently the set of models comprises:

  • Leptoquark model: $\mathrm{DM} \equiv (1,1,0)_\mathrm{M} \qquad \mathrm{X} \equiv (3,2,\tfrac{7}{3})_\mathrm{F} \qquad \mathrm{M}_s \equiv (3,2,\tfrac{7}{3})_\mathrm{S}$
  • Triplet diquark model: $\mathrm{DM} \equiv (1,1,0)_\mathrm{M} \qquad \mathrm{X} \equiv (3,1,-\tfrac{2}{3})_\mathrm{F} \qquad \mathrm{M}_s \equiv (3,1,-\tfrac{2}{3})_\mathrm{S}$
  • Sextet diquark model: $\mathrm{DM} \equiv (1,1,0)_\mathrm{M} \qquad \mathrm{X} \equiv (6,1,\tfrac{8}{3})_\mathrm{F} \qquad \mathrm{M}_s \equiv (6,1,\tfrac{8}{3})_\mathrm{S}$
  • Scalar octet model: $\mathrm{DM} \equiv (1,1,0)_\mathrm{M} \qquad \mathrm{X} \equiv (8,2,1)_\mathrm{F} \qquad \mathrm{M}_s \equiv (8,2,1)_\mathrm{S}$

A more detailed description for each of the models including validation for MadGraph and Micromegas/MadDM is available in the manual (pdf).


Model Files

All of the FeynRules model files below need the SM implementation of FeynRules.

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