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Working Group 1

  • I. Superfields.
    • Description: implementation and development of superfields in FeynRules.
    • Names: Benj, Claude, Thomas.
    • Status: Wess-Zumino is done.
    • To-do: Vector superfield implementation is ongoing + rewriting of the MSSM.

  • II. Spin 2 and 3/2.
    • Description: implementation and development of spin 2 and 3/2 in FeynRules and in matrix element generators.
    • Names: Neil, Priscila, Sasha, Christian.
    • Status:
    • To-do:
  • III. Mass matrices.
    • Description: addressing of the diagonalization of mass matrices. The main idea is to have FR to output a simple code that takes a LH file in and spits out LH file with the mass matrix diagonalized.
    • Names: Neil, Thomas, Martin.
    • Status:
    • To-do:
  • IV. Higher-dimensional operators.
    • Description: Splitting higher dimensional operators or 4-point vertices into 3-point ones by introducing auxiliary fields.
    • Names: Claude, Fabio, Christian.
    • Status:
    • To-do:
  • V. Loops.
    • Description: automated generation of QCD/SUSY/EW counterterms, special Lagrangians for the rational parts.
    • Names: Claude, Thomas, Benj.
    • Status: not addressed.
    • To-do: n.a.