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Working Group 2 - Interface development

  • I. Herwig interface.
    • Description: development of a FeynRules-Herwig interface.
    • Names: David, Claude.
    • Status: .
    • To-do: .
  • II. Helas.
    • Description: automatized generation of Helas routines from FeynRules.
    • Names: Olivier, Claude, Will, Priscila, David
    • Status:
      • We have a defined format for the FR input
      • We have produce our first generated automaticaly Helas Routine from FeynRules.
      • Testing those routines is in progress
    • To-do:
      • Python Optimization (code quite slow at the time)
      • Regenerate all the Helas routine and test those against the old one
      • Implement the Scalar in the FortranWriter
      • Implement Helas Optimization
      • Implement a mode for complex couplings/masses
  • III. FeynArts interface.
    • Description: inclusion of the higher dimensional operators in FeynArts.
    • Names: Celine, Thomas
    • Status:
      • Format of the FR output for the dirac indices is defined (Implementation in FR in progress).
      • addition of the dirac indices in FeynArts/FormCalc? in progress.
      • Test in progress : EQCD done (FA only), composite top (FR files used in FA), BFSM (comparison with stock version started).
    • To-do:
      • Define format for the levi-civita tensor and implement it.
      • generate declaration file for FormCalc?.
      • Merging of the vertices in FR.
      • Test SILH + renormalizable theories.

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