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Working Group 3

  • Topic 1 : Survey of the exsisting/missing models.
  • Topic 2 : Application of the Les Houches validation scheme.

We would like to perform a 4 star comparison between FR and LH for the following models:

  • First thing is to get agreement between the LH SUSY implementation in CH and all the others as in the big FR paper (Sasha for LH/CH and Steffen for Sherpa).
  • Randall Sundrum (started at the workshop) : FR and LH implementations will be validated in CalcHEP (3 star) and in WHIZARD (4 star): Priscila, Neil, Sasha, Christian. All model files available. Next step is comparison with MG-stock implementation of RS by Priscila and Qiang in v4. Finally, validation with FR+MG5 will be done.
  • Walking Technicolor : FR version to be validated with the LH version in CH. Paper SB, and Francesco Sannino (arXiv:0809.0793 [hep-ph]).
  • Little Higgs with T-parity. The LanHEP sources are available by Sasha. Here is the CalcHEP implementation: An implementation is also available in WHIZARD.
  • Lepto-Quarks : FR version to be validated with the LH version in CH. hep-ph/0502067.To validate this model we need a FR implementation of the Lagrangian in the paper above and its export into, let's say, MG5. Complete version of the CH implementation(including SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1)) is ready and will be available. LeptoQuarks.tgz

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