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W' Effective model


Description of the model

This model is an extension of the SM, including additional interaction of fermions to a W' boson following the lowest-order effective Lagrangian described in Refs. [1] [2]:

$\mathcal{L} = \frac{V'_{ij}}{2\sqrt{2}} \bar{f}_{i} \gamma_{\mu} \left( g'_{R_{i,j}} (1+\gamma^5 ) +g'_{L_{i,j}} (1-\gamma^5 ) \right) W'^{\mu} f_j + h.c.$

where g'R,L are the right-handed (left-handed) W'-boson gauge couplings to fermions fi and fj, and V'ij is either the CKM matrix or a diagonal matrix, for quarks and leptons respectively.

Model files



The W' model was validated using MadGraph in the context of W' -> tb searches at the LHC [3]:


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