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Just added that the Dirac DM is psi in the model file.

EWFF4DM: DM effective field theory with hypercharge electromagnetic form factors


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Model description

We consider the effective interactions of a fermionic singlet dark matter particle with the SM hypercharge gauge boson field. The only non zero form factor operator for Majorana dark matter is the dimension-6 anapole moment, while for Dirac dark matter there exist the dimension-5 magnetic and electric dipole operators and the dimension-6 anapole and charge radius operators.

The Lagrangian is given by

The detailed Lagrangian and more information can be found in arXiv:2005.XXXXX [hep-ph].

Description of the Model Files

  • Feynrules model file
    •, Main FeynRules model for the model, it already contains the SM Feynrules model.
  • UFO model files
    • EWFF4DM_UFO.tar.gz, Standalone LO UFO folder in the EWFF4DM models.

The actual files are provided in attachment. The dark matter candidate is called chi and psi for the Majorana and Dirac cases respectively.

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