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EWFF4DM: DM effective field theory with hypercharge electromagnetic form factors


Andrew Cheek

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Model description

We consider the effective interactions of a fermionic singlet dark matter particle with the SM hypercharge gauge boson field. The corresponding form factor operators up to dimension-6 are given by

for Majorana particles, indicated by χ, and by

for Dirac dark matter, denoted by ψ. The Cj are the dimensionless Wilson coefficients for the dimension-6 anapole moment (CA), for the dimension-5 the electric and magnetic dipole moments (Cel) and (CM) and for the dimension-6 charge radius operator (Ccr).

More information can be found in arXiv: [hep-ph].

Description of the Model Files

  • Feynrules model file
    •, Main FeynRules model for the model, it already contains the SM Feynrules model.
  • UFO model files
    • EWFF4DM_UFO.tar.gz, Standalone LO UFO folder in the EWFF4DM models.

The actual files are provided in attachment.

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