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The effective theory for single Higgs and double Higgs production


Long-Bin Chen

  • Guangzhou University
  • chenlb_AT_gzhu_dot_edu_dot_cn

Hai Tao Li

  • LANL
  • haitaoli_AT_lanl_dot_gov

Hua-Sheng Shao

  • huashengshao_AT_lpthe_dot_jussieu_dot_fr

Jian Wang

  • Shandong University
  • j_dot_wang_AT_sdu_dot_edu_dot_cn


Description of the model

In the infinite top-quark mass limit, the Higgs field can be effectively coupled with the gluon field via two operators

$\mathcal{L}_{\rm eff}=-\frac{1}{4}(C_h \frac{h}{v}-C_{hh}\frac{h^2}{2v^2})G^a_{\mu\nu}G^{a~\mu\nu}$

where $G^a_{\mu\nu}$ is the gluon field strength tensor.

The NLO UFO model based on $\mathcal{L}_{\rm eff}+\mathcal{L}_{\rm SM}$ can be downloaded from here.