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The Higgs Characterisation model


  • Priscila de Aquino & Kentarou Mawatari
    • Affiliation: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    • Emails: kentarou.mawatari @

Description of the model

This is a model file for the characterisation of the boson recently discovered at the LHC. Our effective lagrangian consists of the SM (except for the Higgs itself), expressed through the physical degrees of freedom present below the EWSB scale, plus a new bosonic state X(JP) with spin/parity assignments JP = 0+, 0-, 1+, 1-, and 2+. The new state can couple to SM particles via interactions of the lowest possible dimensions. In addition, the state 0+ is allowed to mix with the 0- one, and can interact with SM particles with higher-dimensional operators beyond those of the SM. See more details in

1306.XXXX : P. Artoisenet, P. de Aquino, F. Demartin, R. Frederix, S. Frixione, F. Maltoni, M. K. Mandal, P. Mathews, K. Mawatari, V. Ravindran, S. Seth, P. Torrielli, M. Zaro, "xxxx".

Model files

  • : the main model file.
  • : This model requires the modified Standard Model implementation of FeynRules.
  • Massless.rst, Cabibbo.rst : SM restriction files.
  • HC.nb : this is an example Mathematica notebook that loads the model, calculates the Feynman rules and extract the model files within the UFO format.
  • HiggsCharac_UFO.tar.gz : The model files in UFO format (for MadGraph? 5).

The present model file contains parts of the following existing FR model files:

  • 1) HEFT, author: C. Duhr
  • 2) Minimal Zprime, author: L. Basso
  • 3) RS, author: P. de Aquino

Version updates

  • 16.01.2013 - v1.0 - Release version
  • 04.04.2013 - v1.1 - Added the CP-odd Yukawa terms in the X0 lagrangian and modified the X2 HD lagrangian to be proportional to 1/Lambda3
  • 15.04.2013 - v2.0 - Fixed a bug for the X2 lowest dimensional interactions with massive gauge bosons. Parametrization for X0 modified.
  • 28.05.2013 - v2.1 - Fixed a bug for the X0 coupling to the massive vector bosons (SM couplings recovered)
  • 27.06.2013 - v3.0 - version for the paper 1306.XXXX.

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