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The Higgs effective theory


  • Claude Duhr
    • IPPP Durham
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Description of the model

This model describes the effective coupling of the Higgs boson to gluons and photons. The effective theory is obtained by integrating out the top-quark loop through which the higgs couples to gluons and photons. The corresponding effective theory for a pseudo-scalar is also included.

The values of the effective couplings correspond to those given in the heft model of the MadGraph/MadEvent distribution.


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Model files

<a name="Instructions"></a> Instructions

The model is loaded by merging the model files and (the two files must be stored in the same directory, see the [:UserManual:user manual]).

The implementation allows for the use of the Feynman gauge in the SM. Feynman gauge is not supported for this model.

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