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The Inert Doublet Model

Implementation authors

  • Andreas Goudelis (andreas.goudelis@…)
  • Björn Herrmann (herrmann@…)
  • Oscar Stal (oscar.stal@…)

Model description

This is the FeynRules model file for the Inert Doublet Model, , i.e. the Standard Model augmented by an additional complex scalar SU(2) doublet and a Z2 symmetry under which all SM particles are even while the extra doublet is odd.

Model file usage

  • The implementation comes in both Feynman and Unitary gauge, chosen from within the file
  • The inert doublet particles carry tildes (~) in their particle names. This is in compliance to the CalcHEP/MicrOMEGAs conventions, in which all Z2-odd particles must be named with tildes. In other programs, the user might have to remove them.


  • The model file follows the older (pre v1.8) FeynRules notations, but works perfectly with version 1.8.


  • The CalcHEP and FeynArts? output of the model have been cross-checked with an independent implementation in the SARAH package, with numerous processes computed all of which were in perfect agreement.

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