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    2525   * [/attachment/wiki/MSSM/]: !MSSM implementation using the superspace module (compatible with !FeynRules 1.6.x)
    2626   * [/attachment/wiki/MSSM/ParamCard.dat sps1a]: parameter file to be read, asociated to the sps1a scenario.
    27    * [/attachment/wiki/MSSM/susy1.0.1.tgz susy1.0.1.tgz (05.07.09)]: Old !MSSM implementation (compatible with !FeynRules 1.4.x).
     27   * [/attachment/wiki/MSSM/susy1.0.1.tgz susy1.0.1.tgz (05.07.09)]: Old !MSSM implementation (compatible with !FeynRules 1.4.x), with the corresponding [/attachment/wiki/MSSM/FRT_paramcard.dat parameter file] for the sps1a benchmark point.
    2828   * [/attachment/wiki/MSSM/SUSY.nb MSSM.nb]: Example of a Mathematica® notebook loading the model and the parameters.
    30 === Instructions ===
     30=== Sepcific instructions ===
    32 The MSSM is implemented in '''unitary gauge'''.
    33    * The switch __FeynmanGauge__ (future devlopments) must thus be set to __False__,
    34    * The flag __$sWScale__ can be set to the value __"weak"__ or __"susy"__, depending on the scale to which the electroweak parameters have to be evaluated,
    35    * The flag __$svevScale__ can be set to the value __"weak"__ or __"susy"__, depending on the scale to which the vev has to be evaluated,
    36    * The flag __$CKMDiag__ can be set to the value __True__ or __False__, allowing for a CKM matrix different from the identity or not (this can also be done through a possible restriction file),
     32   * The switch __FeynmanGauge__ allows to choose between Feynman and unitarity gauge.
     33   * The flags __$CKMDiag__ and __$MNSDiag__, being set to __True__ or __False__, allow for CKM and PMNS matrices different from the identity or not.
    3734   * A parameter file __must__ be loaded before running the model, or all the parameters would have a value of -1 (__ReadLHAFile[Input->"myfile"]__).
    3836=== Interfaces ===
    3937Here are the output files obtained for SPS1a after using the various translation interfaces and the example notebook given above.The prefix __sps1a__ in the filename means the use of a __sps1a__ restriction file to remove all the zero elements of the mixing matrices from the vertices.