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     3== !FeynRules model database ==
     5This page contains a collection of models that are already implemented in !FeynRules. For each model, a complete model-file is available, containing all the information that is needed, as well as the lagrangian, as well as the references to the papers were this lagrangian was taken from. All model-files can be freely downloaded and changed, serving like this as the starting point for building new models. A TeX-file for each model containing a summary of the Feynman Rules produces by !FeynRules is also available.
     7The Standard model model-file is already included in the distribution of the !FeynRules, but it can also be downloaded independently from the corresponding link below.
     9'''We encourage model builders writing a !FeynRules implementation of their model to make their model file(s) public in the !FeynRules model database, in order to make them useful to a community as wide as possible. For further information on how to make your model implementation public via the !FeynRules model database, please send an email to'''
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     14=== Available models ===
     15||[StandardModel Standard Model]||The SM implementation of !FeynRules, included into the distribution of the !FeynRules package.||
     16||[SimpleExtensions Simple extensions of the SM]||Several models based on the SM that include one or more additional particles, like a 4th generation, a second Higgs doublet or additional colored scalars.||
     17||[SusyModels Supersymmetric Models]||Various supersymmetric extensions of the SM, including the MSSM, the NMSSM and many more.||
     18||[ExtraDimModels Extra-dimensional Models]||Extensions of the SM including KK excitations of the SM particles.||
     19||[EffectiveModels Strongly coupled and effective field theories]||Including Technicolor, Little Higgs, as well as SM higher-dimensional operators.||
     20||[MiscellaneousModels Miscellaneous]||||
     23|| '''Model''' || '''Contact''' || '''Status''' ||
     24||[StandardModel Standard Model] || N. Christensen, C. Duhr || '''Available''' ||
     25||[ThreeSiteModel Mimimal Higgsless Model (3-Site Model)] || N. Christensen || '''Available''' ||
     26||[StandardModelScalars Standard model + Scalars] || C. Duhr || '''Available''' ||
     27||[HiggsEffectiveTheory Higgs effective theory]|| C. Duhr || '''Available''' ||
     28||[HiddenAbelianHiggsModel Hidden Abelian Higgs Model]||C. Duhr|| '''Available''' ||
     29||[wiki:Hillmodel Hill Model]||P. de Aquino, C. Duhr|| '''Available''' ||
     30||[wiki:2HDM The general 2HDM]||C. Duhr, M. Herquet|| '''Available''' ||
     31||[wiki:MSSM MSSM]||B. Fuks|| '''Available''' ||
     32||[wiki:MUED Minimal UED]||P. de Aquino|| '''Available''' ||
     33||[wiki:LED Large Extra Dimensions]||P. de Aquino|| '''Available''' ||
     34||[wiki:NLSM Chiral perturbation theory]||C. Degrande|| '''Available''' ||
     35||[wiki:SILH Strongly Interacting Light Higgs]||C. Degrande|| '''Available''' ||
     36||[wiki:CHEIDI Compact HEIDI]||C. Speckner|| '''Available''' ||
     37||[wiki:TechniColor Technicolor]||M. Järvinen, T. Hapola, E. Del Nobile, C. Pica|| '''Available''' ||