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     1== The Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with R-parity violation==
     2=== Author ===
     4[ Benjamin Fuks]
     5   * IPHC Strasbourg / University of Strasbourg
     6   *
     8=== Description of the model & references ===
     10Our implementation keeps all the flavour-violating and helicity-mixing terms in the Lagrangian and also all the possible additional CP-violating phases. In order to deal in a transparent way with the more than 100 parameters, it follows the commonly used universal set of conventions provided by the Supersymmetry Les Houches Accord. The possible Higgs-lepton mixing terms are not included in the present implementation. However, there is no blocking point here and they could be straightforwardly added to the present model file, if necessary. However, we remind that in that case, all mixing relations of the model file must be updated, becoming in fact much more complicated.
     12   * [ Phys. Rept. 420 (2005) 1-202]: R. Barbier ''et al'', ''R-parity violating supersymmetry''.
     13   * [ JHEP 0407 (2004) 36]: P. Skands ''et al'', ''SUSY Les Houches accord: Interfacing SUSY spectrum calculators, decay packages, and event generators'' ''.''
     14   * [ Comput.Phys.Commun.180 (2009) 8]: B. C. Allanach ''et al'', ''SUSY Les Houches Accord 2.''
     16=== Model files ===
     18   * [/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/]: RPVMSSM implementation using the superspace module (compatible with !FeynRules 1.6.x)
     19   * [/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/af1.dat af1.dat]: parameter file to be read, associated to the af1 scenario (J. Andrea and B. Fuks, in preparation). In the case of the Whizard interface, this [/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/af1_wo.dat parameter file] must be used instead.
     20   * [/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/RPV.nb RPV.nb]: Example of a Mathematica® notebook loading the model and the parameters.
     22=== Specific instructions ===
     24   * Both Feynman and unitarity gauges are supported.
     25   * The flags __$CKMDiag__ and __$MNSDiag__, being set to __True__ or __False__, allow for CKM and PMNS matrices different from the identity or not.
     26   * A parameter file __must__ be loaded before running the model, or all the parameters would have a value of -1 (__ReadLHAFile[Input->"myfile"]__).
     27   * The color structure linking three fields in the fundamental representation of SU(3) is not supported neither by !CalcHep, !MadGraph-4 and Whizard. Therefore, these terms must be removed from the Lagrangian before running the interface
     29=== Optimized matrix element generator models for sps1a (removal of all zero terms in the vertices) and TeX interface output ===
     30||[/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/af1_ch.tgz af1_ch.tgz]||The model files for !CalcHep.||
     31||[/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/af1_fa.tgz af1_fa.tgz]||The model files for !FeynArts.||
     32||[/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/af1_mg.tgz af1_mg.tgz]||The model files for !MadGraph 4.||
     33||[/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/af1_ufo.tgz af1_ufo.tgz]||The model files in UFO format (e.g. for !MadGraph 5).||
     34||[/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/af1_wo.tgz af1_wo.tgz]||The model files for Whizard.||
     35||[/attachment/wiki/RPVMSSM/af1_tex.tgz af1_tex.tgz]||LaTeX output.||
     36The Sherpa interface is not supported. We remind that the UDD terms are only included in the UFO.
     38=== Validation ===
     40* To be performed...