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     3=== Testing ===
     5The following file is a Mathematica notebook which checks the model implementation as well as the FeynRules package and the interfaces. It uses FeynRules to load and write out the [ CalcHEP]/CompHEP model files. (In the future it should write out the [ MadGraph] and [ SHERPA] model files.) It then calculates various processes using the stock version of the SM from CalcHEP and MadGraph and compares them against the FeynRules version. It is highly automated so that if we make a change to FeynRules or, we simply open the notebook and run it. This should be done anytime FeynRules or are modified.
     7   * [attachment:Test-SM.nb Test-SM.nb]: A Mathematica notebook to test the SM implementation in each package.
     9To use it, you must edit the "Set Directories" section to tell it where you have FeynRules and each monte carlo package. It currently depends on the installation of [ CalcHEP], CompHEP and [ MadGraph]. You also need the parameters of the stock versions to be set correctly. Here are the stock SM parameter files:
     11   * [attachment:vars1.mdl vars1.mdl]: CH SM stock parameter file. Put this in the models directory of CH. (You actually need to move the SM with a CKM matrix up to model 1 first.)
     13   * [attachment:param_card.dat param_card.dat]: MG SM stock parameter file. Put this in the smckm directory of the MG model directory.
     15   * [attachment:run_card.dat run_card.dat]: MG SM stock run card. Put this in the Cards directory of your MG working directory.
     17Then, you simply run the notebook. (But let me know if it doesn't work. I have probably forgotten something.)
     18==== Processes ====
     20This is the list of processes we agreed to test:
     21   * g,g->g,g
     22   * u,ubar -> g,g
     23   * ...
     24==== Parameters ====
     26These are the parameters we agreed to use for the test:
     27   * sqrt(s) = 500 !GeV (I have actually changed this to 550!GeV because MG had trouble with a few processes at 500!GeV.)
     28   * p_T > 20 !GeV
     30-- Main.NeilChristensen - 25 Feb 2008