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Simple extensions of the SM

This is a collection of models that are simple bottom-up extensions of the SM, obtained by adding a set of new particles and or interations to the Standard Model.

Available models

Model Short Description Contact Status
Axigluon modelThe SM plus a scalar gluon field. S. Krastanov Available
DY SM extensionThe SM plus new spin-0, -1, and -2 bosons that contribute to Drell-Yan production of leptons at the LHC. N. Christensen Available
FCNC Higgs interactionsThe SM plus higher-dimensional flavor changing Higgs interactions. S. Krastanov Available
Fourth generation modelA fourth generation model including a t' and a b' C. Duhr Available
General 2HDMThe most general 2HDM, including all flavor violation and mixing terms.C. Duhr, M. Herquet Available
Hidden Abelian Higgs ModelA Z' model where the Z' interacts with the SM through mixings, leading to very small non-SM like Z' couplings. C. Duhr Available
HiggsCharacterisationThe model file for the spin/parity characterisation of a 125 GeV resonance.P. de Aquino, K. Mawatari Available
Higgs effective theory An add-on for the SM implementation containing the dimension 5 gluon fusion operator. C. Duhr Available
Hill ModelA model with an unusual extension of the SM Higgs sector.P. de Aquino, C. Duhr Available
Inert Doublet ModelA model with an additional complex scalar SU(2)L doublet and an unbroken Z2 symmetry under which all SM particles are even while the extra doublet is odd.A. Goudelis, B. Herrmann, O. Stal Available
Minimal Zp modelsThe minimal Z' extension of the SM.L. BassoAvailable
MonotopsThe SM plus monotop effective Lagrangian. B. Fuks Available
Sextet diquarksThe SM plus sextet diquark scalars. J. Alwall, C. Duhr Available
Standard model + Scalars The SM, together with a set of singlet scalar particles coupling only to the SM Higgs, and allowing it to decay invisibly into this new scalar sector. C. Duhr Available
Triplet diquarksThe SM plus triplet diquark scalars. J. Alwall, C. Duhr Available
Type III See-Saw ModelThe SM, including neutrino masses coming from a type III See-Saw mechanism. C. Biggio, F. Bonnet Available
VLQThe SM, plus vector-like quarks, in a model-independent framework.M. Buchkremer, G. Cacciapaglia, A. Deandrea, L. Panizzi Available
WprimeThe SM a new spin-1 W' boson.J. Donini, B. Fuks Available

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