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The Standard Model


  • Claude Duhr
    • ETH, Zurich
    • duhrc@…
  • Neil Christensen
    • Michigan State University
    • neil@…
  • Benjamin Fuks
    • IPHC Strasbourg / University of Strasbourg
    • benjamin.fuks@…

Model Files

  • : This is the new main file (FeynRules versions >= v1.6.2).
  • : This is the older implementation (FeynRules versions < v1.6.2).

Model Restrictions


The Standard Model (SM) is implemented in both Feynman and unitary gauge. A switch FeynmanGauge has been created. To switch between the two simply set FeynmanGauge = True/False inside your mathematica notebook after loading the model but before doing any calculations with it (finding vertices for example.) FeynmanGauge is set to False by default.


  • SM.nb: This is an example Mathematica® notebook that loads and calculates Feynman rules.


The SM implementation was extensively tested on various 2-to-2 processes. A selection is shown in this table. (Note that the discrepancy with MG stock simply comes from the fact that MG stock has the 4 higgs vertex not implemented).


This model implementation is known to work with the following interfaces:

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