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SM + Scalars


  • Claude Duhr
    • IPPP Durham
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Description of the model

This model is an extension of the SM, where a new scalar sector is added. This new sector consists in an O(n) symmetric model that only interacts with itself and with the SM Higgs boson.

The implementation of the model is based on

" The minimal non-minimal Standard Model ", J.J. van der Bij, Phys.Lett.B636:56-59,2006, hep-ph/0603082.

Model files


The model is loaded by merging the model files and SMScalars (the two files must be stored in the same directory, see the [:UserManual:user manual]).

The implmentation allows for the use of the Feynman gauge in the SM.The switch between the two gauge is achieved via FeynmanGauge = True/False (see StandardModel).

The number of new scalars in the O(n) symmetric sector can be changed. This can be achieved by changing the variable Nf inside the model file before loading the model. The default value is Nf = 4.


  • SMScalars.nb : This is an example Mathematica® notebook that loads the model and calculates Feynman rules.
  • SMScalar.tex : This is TeX output written by FeynRules.

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