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Selected talks

N Date Title Author Event Comments
10 28 May 2009 A comprehensive approach to New Physics simulations Benjamin Fuks CMS France yearly meeting 20 mins
9 1 Apr 2009 A Roadmap for communication of BSM models for the LHC Johan Alwall Missing ET workshop, UC Davis 20 mins
8 31 Mar 2009 FeynRules - BSM phenomenology made easy Benjamin Fuks GDR Terascale, Grenoble 20 mins
7 24 Mar 2009 FeynRules - a way to make BSM phenomenology easy Benjamin Fuks Rencontre e Physique des Particules 09 - Polytechnique (Palaiseau) 20 mins
6 18 Mar 2009 BSM phenomenology with FeynRules Claude Duhr Focus week on Detemrination of Masses and Spins of New Particles at the LHC, IPMU 20 mins
5 17 Mar 2009 An easy implementation of the NMFV MSSM in Monte Carlo generators Benjamin Fuks 2nd Meeting on the Interplay between Collider and Flavour Physics 20 mins
4 9 Dec 2008 BSM phenomenology with FeynRules Claude Duhr Signaling the arrival of the LHC era, ICTP 1h tutorial
3 04 Dec 2008 Implemention and validation of the MSSM in FeynRules Benjamin Fuks SUSY GDR, Paris 1h tutorial
2 30 June 2008 Implementing New Models and Generating Feynman Rules Claude Duhr Tools 2008, Munich 30 mins
1 30 June 2008 Writing and Using Translation Interfaces Neil Christensen Tools 2008, Munich <p>30 mins </p>

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