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     1= Toolchain tagging =
     3A toolchain is an arbitrarily large list of versioned software together with actual copies of their parameter settings files. It should be specific enough to allow fully scripted reconstruction of the whole chain's workflow.
     5An central interactive system which
     6 * assigns a unique, unchangeable tag for a submitted toolchain, and
     7 * allows retrieval of the toolchain from that tag.
     9 * decentral user-specific hashing - problem: retrieval of hashed chain
     12necessary features:
     13 * a tag for a shorter toolchain can stand as an abbreviation of one part of a longer chain
     14   * User A uses a LHE input file with tag XYZ, generated earlier by someone else. Without needing to know the actual sequence of tools represented by XYZ, a new tag can be generated for the extended workflow.
     16possible uses:
     17 * unique identification of reproducible workflows
     18 * inclusion in LHE header blocks, can substitute for explicit parameter listings
     19 * inclusion in Model database, to refer uniquely to
     20   * a given model-card/tool combination
     21   * the workflows that have created the validation plots/tables
     22 * Anywhere that a detailed specification of a set of tools and inputs is required
     26questions / answers
     27 * All chains starting with mSUGRA
     28 * "which tags contain Herwig-2.4.2 ?"
     29 * Given Spires ID of experimental paper, which chains were used in the paper