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  • Jeong Han Kim (main contact)
    • The University of Kansas
  • K.C. Kong
    • The University of Kansas
    • kckong@…
  • Seung J. Lee
    • Korea University
    • s.jj.lee@…
  • Gopolang Mohlabeng
    • BNL
    • mohlabeng319@…

Description of the model

We consider a color singlet vector particle (V1) which dominantly couples to top and anti-top. Assuming that all other interactions are weak, the relevant interaction is given by the following renormalizable Lagrangian

Short Description: Phenomenological model for top-philic color-singlet vector resonance. Contact: Jeong Han Kim (main contact), K.C. Kong, Seung J. Lee, Gopolang Mohlabeng Status: available Reference: Probing TeV scale Top-Philic Resonances with Boosted Top-Tagging at the High Luminosity LHC, Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) no.3, 035023.

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