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  • Jeong Han Kim (main contact)
    • The University of Kansas
  • K.C. Kong
    • The University of Kansas
    • kckong@…
  • Seung J. Lee
    • Korea University
    • s.jj.lee@…
  • Gopolang Mohlabeng
    • BNL
    • mohlabeng319@…

Description of the model

We consider a color singlet vector particle (V1) which dominantly couples to top and anti-top. Assuming that all other interactions are weak, the relevant interaction is given by the following renormalizable Lagrangian

where PL (PR) is a left (right)-handed projection operator. There are three free parameters, the vector resonance mass (MV1), the overall coupling strength (ct), and the chirality angle (θ).

Model files

  • : the main model file.
  • Top_Philic_UFO_gen.nb: the Mathematica notebook to generate a UFO output, including basic Feynman rules and analytic expressions of the decay width of V1. The notebook also generates a text script for a tree-level production of V1 in a four-top final state (arXiv:1604.07421).


  • There are three free parameters in the model:
    • ct1: the overall coupling strength (ct)
    • theta1: the chirality angle (θ)
    • Mv1: the vector resonance mass (MV1)
  • Set the automatic width calculation: set param_card Wv1 Auto.
  • The syntax for the tree-level production of V1 is given by: generate p p > t t~ v1/v1 , v1 > t t~


[1] Jeong Han Kim, K.C. Kong, Seung J. Lee and Gopolang Mohlabeng, Probing TeV Scale Top-Philic Resonances with Boosted Top-Tagging at the High Luminosity LHC, Phys. Rev. D 94 (2016) 3, 035023, arXiv:1604.07421.

[2] Nicolas Greiner, K.C. Kong, Jong-Chul Park, Seong Chan Park, Jan-Christopher Winter, Model-Independent Production of a Top-Philic Resonance at the LHC, JHEP 1504 (2015) 029, arXiv:1410.6099.

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