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Description of the model

To create this vector leptoquark (LQ) model we need to add the extra Lagrangian terms to the usual Standard Model (SM) Lagrangian. These terms include the leptoquark with its coupling to the SM particles and the QCD interaction terms for the LQ production. Therefore the final Lagrangian for this model, as described in Ref. [1] becomes


Model files

The model is loaded by merging the model files and where the second file contains all the properties of 1.5 GeV vector leptoquark used in this model.

  • This is the main model file.
  • The UFO output of the model.
  • 15TeVLQ.nb: The Mathematica notebook that loads the model, calculates the Feynman rules and extract the model files within the UFO format.


[1] Joydeep Roy, Probing leptoquark chirality via top polarization at the Colliders arxiv:1811.12058[hep-ph]

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