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    3333 * {{{WOFast}}}: Set this to False to enable more time consuming checks for known lorentz structures if you have trouble with skipped couplings. Default: True
    3434 * {{{Output}}}: The output directory which will contain the generated model files. Default: derived from the FR model name
     36It is wise to '''check the messages the interface generates''' while it runs; i these will inform you about any unidentified vertices that have been skipped as well as of most other noteworthy caveats concerning the generated code.
     38== Usage: 1.9x particularities ==
     39In order to use the interface with WO 1.9x, the build system of WHIZARD must be patched and the model files copied to the proper locations in the tree. This is taken care of by the script called {{{inject}}} which is created by the interface in the output directory. The basic usage is (from within the output directory):
     41{{{./inject [options] path_to_whizard}}}
     43Running {{{./inject --help}}} will give a full overview over the supported options. After "injecting", the model is available in WHIZARD and will behave like the stock ones. However, some caveats exist for the unwary, so '''pay attention to the scripts output messages''' and be sure to '''read through this list carefully''':
     45 * The inject script has been designed to avoid any accidental change of existing data. Therefore, if a FeynRules model of the same name already exists, it will not be overwritten by default (the script will inform you if a file is being skipped though). To enforce overwriting of existing files, use the {{{--force}}} option.
     46 * If the number of distinct couplings changes significantly, the number of generated FORTRAN files may change. This can lead to problems with spurious files from a previous run being present in the WHIZARD tree, potentially wreaking havoc on the WHIZARD compilation. The script will inform you of such conflicts, and you can then rerun it with the {{{--cleanup}}} option to remove the conflicting files automatically.
     47 * Be sure to reconfigure WHIZARD (rerun the configure script) after injecting a model. Also, if the compilation fails, a {{{make clean}}} or {{{make realclean}}} in the WHIZARD tree can help to put a borked tree into a sane state again (take care as those remove your input files, so make copies before).
     48 * In order for the model to be picked up by WHIZARD, the WO mode name must start with "fr". This is taken care of automatically if the interface assigns it, but if you reset it via {{{WOModelName}}}, it is your responsibility to pick a proper name.
     49 * Writing multiple models to one output directory is possible and supported.