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A Mathematica package to calculate Feynman rules

FeynRules is a Mathematica® package that allows the calculation of Feynman rules in momentum space for any QFT physics model. The user needs to provide FeynRules with the minimal information required to describe the new model, contained in the so-called model-file. This information is then used to calculate the set of Feynman rules associated with the Lagrangian. The Feynman rules calculated by the code can then be used to implement the new physics model into other existing tools, such as MC generators. This is done via a set of interfaces which are developed together and maintained by the corresponding MC authors.

FeynRules 2.0

  • Download FeynRules 2.0
  • New features relative to FeynRules 1.0
    • Support for two-component Weyl fermion notation.
    • Support for spin-3/2 and spin-2 fields.
    • Support for superspace notation and calculations.
    • Automatic mass diagonalization.
    • Automatic generation of FeynArts generic files.
    • New Universal FeynRules Output (UFO) interface.
    • New Whizard interface.
    • Automatic calculation of 1 to 2 decays.
    • Speed and efficiency improvements.
    • New web-based validation.


Model Database

  • Go to model database
    • Simple extensions of the Standard Model
    • Supersymmetric models
    • Extra-dimensional models
    • Strongly coupled and effective field theory models




Development Area

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