Extension of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with the goldstino and gravitino couplings to the supercurrent


Benjamin Fuks, CERN / IPHC Strasbourg / University of Strasbourg , fuks@…

Description of the model & references

The model contains an automated computation of the supercurrent using the superspace module of FeynRules. The supercurrent is then coupled to the gravitino and goldstino fields. More information can be found in

  • N.D. Christensen, P. de Aquino, N. Deutschmann, C. Duhr, B. Fuks, C. Garcia-Cely, O. Mattelaer, K. Mawatari, B. Oexl and Y. Takaesu, Simulating spin-3/2 particles at colliders, to appear

Model file and validation

  • implementation using the superspace module (compatible with FeynRules 1.8.x)
  • sps1a.dat: parameter file to be read, associated to the sps1a scenario.
  • gldgrv.nb: Example of a Mathematica® notebook loading the model and the parameters.
  • gldgrv.tgz: The UFO output associated with the model

The validation of the model has been performed in the paper above, comparing results obtained with MadGraph and CalcHep to previous works.

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