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A Kaluza-Klein Gluon Model with FCNC Decay to a Single Top Quark

This model allows for FCNC interactions of the Kaluza-Klein gluon and in particular focuses on the flavor-violating decay of the KKg to a top quark and a charm quark.

Corresponding Authors

  • Elizabeth Drueke (Michigan State University)
  • Reinhard Schwienhorst (Michigan State University)
  • Natascia Vignaroli (Michigan State University)

Other Contributors

  • Joseph Nutter (Michigan State University)
  • Devin G. E. Walker (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
  • Jiang-Hao Yu (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • R. Sekhar Chivukula (Michigan State University)
  • Elizabeth H. Simmons (Michigan State University)

Description of the Model

Colored vector bosons from new strong dynamics, Kaluza-Klein gluons or KKg’s (G*) in a dual 5D picture, have been searched for mainly in the t-tbar channel. The analysis in 1409.7607v2 analyzes the tc decay as depicted below: Feynman Diagram for kkg > tc The benchmark adopted here is a simple renormalizable model of an extended color gauge sector, which realizes next-to-minimal flavor violation (NMFV). In this model, the third generation quarks couple differently than the light quarks under an extended

$SU(3)_1 \times SU(3)_2$

color gauge group. The mixing between light and third generation quarks is induced by the interactions of all three generation quarks with a set of new heavy vector-like quarks. Gluon-gluon fusion production is forbidden at tree level by SU(3)_C gauge invariance.

The G* decay widths are:

$\Gamma[G^{*} \to t\bar t] = \frac{g^2_s}{24\pi} M_{G^{*}}\cot^2\omega \sqrt{1-4 \frac{m^2_t}{M^2_{G^{*}}}} (1+2\frac{m^2_t}{M^2_{G^{*}}}),$ \newline
$\Gamma[G^{*} \to b\bar b] = \frac{g^2_s}{24\pi} M_{G^{*}}\cot^2\omega,$ \newline
$\Gamma[G^{*} \to j j] = \frac{g^2_s}{6\pi} M_{G^{*}}\tan^2\omega.$

Additionally, the NMFV flavor structure of the model generates a G* to tc flavor violating decay with rate

$\Gamma[G^{*} \to t_L \bar c_L]=\Gamma[G^{*} \to c_L \bar t_L]\simeq \left(V_{cb}\right)^2 \frac{g^2_s}{48\pi} M_{G^{*}} \left( \cot\omega+\tan\omega \right)^2,$



is the CKM matrix element. Throughout this discussion, it is important to note that

$ct\eta \neq \omega$

See more details in

Model Files

  • proc_card: for generation of 500 GeV KKg (place in Cards/)
  • run_card: for generation of 500 GeV KKg (place in Cards/)
  • kkg_FV: the model and parameter cards for specific mass generations

Generation specifics

In 1409.7607v2, the samples were generated with the KKg mass as the scale, dsqrt_q2fact1, and dsqrt_q2fact2 in the run_card.dat file. These samples were also generated without MadGraph cuts as demonstrated in the run_card.dat file for 500 GeV mass included above. The specific generations run were

p p > kkg > b~ c l- vl~ @1
p p > kkg > b c~ l+ vl @2

To generate the settings for a specific KKg mass, param_card.dat in the generation directory to the card of the appropriate mass in the param_cards directory (included as part of the model zip file).

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